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Baby Care

Baby Care


We all want to give our little ones the best start in life. Human breastmilk contains the exact nutrients that your baby needs to develop and thrive. It also helps improve your baby’s immunity to protect against infection soon after birth. The fluid that your breasts produce in the few days immediately before and after birth, called colostrum, contains high protein levels as well as vitamins, minerals and salts. These specific components mean that colostrum is beneficial for your baby to help protect against both illness and dehydration. After birth, early skin-to-skin contact with your baby may help you to initiate breastfeeding. It is important that the first breastfeed occurs soon after your baby’s birth, usually within the first hour, if possible.


However, sometimes breastfeeding does not work-out as we planned. If you decide to formula feed your baby, it is important to choose an appropriate formula to suit your baby’s age. All equipment that you use during preparation and feeding should be sterilised prior to use. Prepare the formula by following the packaging instructions. It is best to make up the formula one bottle at a time, to reduce the chance of contamination and miscounting formula scoops.

We stock a range of equipment for breastfeeding and formula feeding, soothing and nappy-rash creams, as well as baby wipes.