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Our Pharmacy is approved by the Australian Government Department of Health, to supply Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines. This allows us to assist you with a broad range of prescription services.

Whether you have a traditional paper-based prescription or you embrace technology and utilise electronic prescriptions, our pharmacists are able to support your individual healthcare needs. We can also provide your medication in a convenient medication pack. At Envisage Pharmacy, we recognise that you have individual healthcare needs. Our pharmacists use their knowledge of medicines and follow a quality standard so that you can have peace of mind when accessing our prescription services.

Your doctor may provide you with one of the following types of prescriptions:

  • PBS prescriptions: PBS prescriptions are partially subsidised by Medicare. You will still need to pay a certain amount towards the cost of your medicine. This is known as a ‘co-payment’. Make sure you have your Medicare, concession and safety net details available for our pharmacists
  • RPBS prescriptions: These prescriptions are subsidised by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). You will still need to pay the co-payment amount towards the cost of your medicine. Make sure you have your Medicare and DVA details available for our pharmacists.
  • Private prescriptions: Private prescriptions are not subsidised by the Australian Government. You will need to pay the entire cost of your medicine. In some situations, you may be able to claim a reimbursement from your private health insurer.

Please let our pharmacists know:

  1. if you have pharmacy extras cover with your private health insurer (eg. Medibank, Bupa, nib, HCF, etc.) or
  2. for overseas students studying in Australia - if you have prescription medicines cover with your overseas student health cover (OSHC) insurer (eg. Allianz Care, etc)

Electronic prescriptions

At Envisage Pharmacy, we can accept electronic prescriptions. An electronic prescription is a QR code which may exist in one of the following formats: email, SMS or printed. If you have received an electronic prescription you may:

  • Submit it using our mobile app. Using a mobile app is a secure method of transmitting your electronic prescription to our pharmacist.
  • Bring it with you when you visit us in store. We will scan the code displayed on your phone and process the prescription; or
  • Send it to:

Make sure you include the specific combination of letters and numbers underneath the QR code.

If you would like to learn more about electronic prescriptions, please speak with our staff.

Traditional paper-based prescriptions

Traditional paper-based prescriptions are different to electronic prescriptions. If you have a traditional paper-based prescription, and would like to use our prescription service, you may:

Visit us in-store and bring your traditional paper-based prescription with you.

  • You may also leave your prescription on-file with us: Shop 1, CPB, 1 James Cook Drive, James Cook University, QLD, 4811
  • Post your prescription to us: PO BOX 202, James Cook University, QLD, 4811
  • Contact us for more information:  Ph (07) 4775 4741 or Email

*Please note, we are not able to accept a photograph or digital copy of a traditional paper-based prescription. We require the original hard-copy of the paper-based prescription.

Medication packing and Dose Administration Aids

We can assist you with organising your medications. A Dose Administration Aid (DAA) is a simple and easy to use device that is securely sealed and allows for a flexible medication regime to be taken as prescribed by your doctor.  Speak to our pharmacist about whether a DAA meets your health goals.