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Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates

Illness may strike when you least expect it and can interfere with your daily life. When this happens, you may be unable to work for a period of time. Whether you are suffering from the flu or another illness, you may need some time off work to recover.

Employers commonly require their employees to provide evidence when they have been sick and taken time off from work. Our pharmacists can assess your eligibility for a sick certificate if you are unfit for work due to illness. At Envisage Pharmacy, our pharmacists follow a professional standard and may not always be able to provide an absence from work certificate in all circumstances. In this case, we may refer you to your doctor for further assessment.

If you are unable to attend your school or university classes, our staff may be able to temporarily ease your symptoms, but you will need to speak with your doctor about a medical certificate.

An absence from work certificate cannot be backdated. Therefore, our pharmacists may refer you to your doctor if you have been sick for some time.

A pharmacist is not able to certify that you are fit to return to work. If you need medical clearance to return to work, please speak with your doctor.

If your illness or injury relates to a worker’s compensation claim, please speak with your doctor.

Pharmacists are not obliged to provide an absence from work certificate. They may decline to do so if they believe that an absence from work certificate would be inappropriate or is not required.

If you are sick today and require an absence from work certificate, come in and speak to our pharmacists for an assessment.